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40th Reunion Photos - Page One

Getting Ready ...

     Thanks to Darlene Thornton Sizemore for this page of pictures. Anyone who would like to have their pictures posted please click here to email us and we will add your pictures to this area. Thanks also to Larry Hollar and Proforma T&L Forms for the yellow banner and Sharon Skolnik Flagel for the use of her jukebox.

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Here are some thank you letters from reunion attendees... Read 'em and weep, you should have been there... we all missed you !

Dear Linda,

      Thanks to you and everyone on the committee for a wonderful and relaxed reunion. I enjoyed both nights very much. A tremendous amount of work has gone into this on both the reunion itself and the website. Thank you is not enough for all the committee has done.

Truly, you are a very special group of people.

      I would appreciate it Linda, if you could forward this to all of the committee for me. I hope I'll get to see you all at a future reunion.

God Bless and Keep You,
Janis Adkins Campbell

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Dear Don and Linda,

      I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you guys put into both the reunion and the website. While the effort must seem Sisyphean, it is appreciated by many, many people (most of whom pretend they would help, if only they lived closer).

      Like all people (at least those who are infused with an exaggerated introspective streak, and overwrought ego), I always thought that I would grow up to be really special. You know, cure cancer, be governor of California, star on reality TV, anything to have the world acknowledge my specialness. Instead, I grew up to be a regular guy. It is so easy to feel that somehow you have wasted the opportunity to have that special life. Now I understand that what is true accomplishment, is to live a life that causes people (beside your family, who is pretty much obligated) to love you.

      When I walk into a Colonel White reunion and everyone treats me like gold. When Linda Lewis tells me that she could never be mad at me, that she loves me and that everyone loves me, then I know that I have truly accomplished something in life. I would crawl a thousand miles on my hands and knees just to feel that way every five years.

      You two epitomize what I feel about my Colonel White experience. A group of wonderful people, who cherish the experience they had there and recognize that the experience was due to the goodness of their classmates, and treat those classmates like royalty whether they were from their inner circle or not.

      Once again thank you both for being such great people. I love you both. (no Don, not in that way)


P.S. I know Linda won’t read email, so please print this out for her

Hi Don,

      Just a note to express how nice it was to be part of the festivities for our 40th high school class reunion. I think you and the class reunion committee did very well in getting the function organized. The important thing is that we got together and had a nice time.

      Please pass along my thanks to others on the committee. It was so enjoyable speaking with Sam Kurtz and Jim Lake. I remember them both with fond memories and it was nice to see them. It was a real surprise to see Jim Eby. He looks terrific!! I guess it goes to show you what good genetic coding and living a clean life can do for you.

      So, as this moment passes and we collectively pause and reflect about how we once were and how much fun it was seeing each other again...I wish you and Linda well and don't ever lose your "off the wall" sense of humor.

Best regards,
Bruce Hulman

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