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The last of the of Colonel White '63 class reunions?

...well, with the best classmates you could hope for, the dedication, ideas, hard work and cooperation of the Reunion Committee... it all seemed to come together for our 50th class reunion.... you know, you can wait around and hope, but I'll tell ya' — I don't think you'll ever see so many classmates, having such an enjoyable reunion again — unless it's the next one!!

The 50th Reunion Committee

Click here for one of the best Class of '63 Reunion group pictures w/ name key.

Here is the favor, program, and other memorabilia...

The committee really appreciates the 'thank you notes' click here to read them.

The 'Photo Booth' was... well you be the judge... all the pictures are here...

Other pictures sent in to the website can be seen here...

Those who attended... here

........??? haven't found yet - Paul Kottler's latest lament... here

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